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Issue: 52 Week 8
Subtitle: Thief
Date: June 28, 2006
Feature Characters: John Henry Irons, Natasha Irons, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Booster Gold (Michael Carter), Animal Man (Nerhard Baker), Adam Strange, Starfire (Koriandr)
Supporting Characters: Ralph Dibney, Supernova (Michael Carter)
Villains: Lex Luthor
Guest Appearances: Clark Kent
Other Characters: Skeets, Mercy Graves, Dennis, Lewis

While Natasha Irons continues to work on her suit of armor in order to continue being Steel, Green Arrow helps Ralph track the Cult of Connor. Meanwhile John Steel, thanks to Lex Luthor, is slowly gaining a stainless steel skin and the hero Supernova becomes more and more popular in Metropolis.
After numerous failed attempts and learning the her uncle had gained his skin from Luthor, Natasha decides to join Luthor's Everyman Project.

— Lex Luthor

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Cover Art:

52 W 8

- Part of the 52 event
- History of the DCU part 7 included

52 Week 8

- Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid

- Eddy Barrows, Rob Stull

Chronology:Full List
- Adventures of Superman #649
- Superman/Batman #26
- 52 Week 1
- 52 Week 8
- 52 Week 11
- 52 Week 48
- World War 3 #1

- Metropolis
~ Steelworks
~ STAR Labs
~ LexCorp
- Star City
- The Everyman Project

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