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Name: Annalea (Deceased)
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Shawna
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: N/A
Occupation: Assassin
Last Known Residence:
- Calvin City
An assassin-for-hire and trained by David Cain Annalea lent her considerable skills to the highest bidder. She was murdered by Cassandra Cain, her 'sister', who was under Slade Wilson's control. She didn't know she had a 'sister' until moments before her death.
Killer: Cassandra Cain
Cause of Death: Broken neck.
Location of Death: Alley in Calvin City.

Annalea 1

- Adam Beechen, Freddie Williams II

First Appearance:
- Robin #149

First Appearance with Cass Cain:
- Robin #149

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