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Issue: Azrael Agent of the Bat #100
Subtitle: Full Cycle
Date: May 2003
Feature Characters: Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley), Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Supporting Characters: Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Leslie Thompkins, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth
Villains: Sister Lihy, Biis (Carlton LeHah), Nicholas Scratch
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

Nightwing fought off their attackers - he and Batgirl had been sent by Batman to watch over them. Scratch (as Azrael) made another speech, which Jean Paul saw. Lilhy gave Biis the means to kill Azrael: special bullets and a location / time. After Jean Paul put on his costume, he promised Leslie he never would again. As he went after Scratch, Biis attacked him; the combatants fell from a high-rise balcony. Batman took down Scratch. Biis, though badly injured, survived. Jean Paul's costume (ridden with bullet holes) was found, but his body was not recovered.

"I came to tell you not to blame yourself. You did the best you could. Goodbye."
— Jean-Paul Valley

Azrael Agent of the Bat 100 1 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 100 2 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 100 3 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 100 4

Cover Art:

A 100

- This is the last issue of Azrael Agent of the Bat.

Azrael 100

- Dennis O'Neil

- Sergio Cariello

Chronology:Full List
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #100

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