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Issue: Azrael Agent of the Bat #84
Subtitle: Wahoo!
Date: January 2002
Feature Characters: Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)
Supporting Characters: Oracle (Barbara Gordon)
Villains: Flesinger
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

Oracle warned Azrael of a freak coming his way- he was masquerading as a dead baseball player killing men with a bat. Azrael declined, but took the case after she told him he might be a metahuman. Azrael defeated the man and gloated at beating a meta.

— Flesinger

Azrael Agent of the Bat 84 1 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 84 2 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 84 3 - Azrael Agent of the Bat 84 4

Cover Art:

A 84

- Oracle refers to when Cassandra defeated a metahuman on her own in Batgirl #3.

Azrael 84

- Dennis O'Neil

- Roger Robinson
- James Pascoe

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #21
- Joker Last Laugh #3
- Robin #95
- Azrael Agent of the Bat #84
- Batman #594
- Batman #597
- Batgirl #22

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