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The Batboat is a term used to refer to various models in Batman's aquatic fleet. Early in his career as Batman, Bruce Wayne first developed a prototype "Batboat" to navigate Gotham's various harbours and used it while investigating arms dealers operating along the wharves of Gotham City's Chinatown district, since this event the Batboats, all custom models, have been an important part of Batman's crime fighting arsenal of vehicles; allowing him to traverse the waterways around and within Gotham City. Most modern models possess the ability to alternate between hydrofoil and submersible modes.

Although the Batboats are commonly moored in the Batcave, Bruce also maintains several others at dockside locations throughout Gotham City for ease of access. All of the remote storage locations are warehouses owned by Wayne Enterprises.

Armaments for the various boats include pneumatic harpoons, grapnels that double as anchors, variable-setting depth charges, and a small supply of active-homing torpedoes with heat/motion/vibration target-acquisition. One model included an over-sized Batarang ejection system. One prototype also featured a bow-mounted flame-thrower, a weapon Batman later removed due to its unpredicatable and "extreme" nature.


  • The first "Batboat", dubbed the "H.M.S. Batboat", appeared in Detective Comics #110 (April, 1946) as a boat provided by Scotland Yard for Batman and Robin to speed their search for Professor Moriarty.
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