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Issue: Batgirl #40
Subtitle: Little Bat
Date: July 2003
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Barbara Gordon, Superboy (Conner Kent)
Villains: Tai'Darshan, Vilom Namali
Guest Appearances: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Other Characters: Ludo

The Sakuri Lions, lead by Tai'Darshan, attempt to attack business tycoon, Vilom Namali, however the attack is forstalled by Superboy and Cassandra, who improvised a mask to cover her identity. Between the two of them both the Sakuri Lions and Namali were defeated and arrested after the ship made port.

"So how come I only recognize you with a mask on?"
— Superboy

Batgirl 40 1 - Batgirl 40 2 - Batgirl 40 3 - Batgirl 40 4

Cover Art:



Batgirl 40

- Dylan Horrocks

- Adrian Sibar

Chronology:Full List
- Gotham Knights #45
- Action Comics #804
- Batgirl #39
- Batgirl #40
- Batgirl #41
- Batgirl #42
- Batgirl #43

- Batcave
- Florida Cruise
- Batman Uniform

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