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Issue: Batgirl #53
Subtitle: Sisterhood
Date: August 2004
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Robin (Stephanie Brown), Oracle, Melanie
Villains: Penguin, Gouger
Guest Appearances: Batman (Bruce Wayne),
Other Characters: Frank, Cindy, Roy

Batgirl calls for backup during a battle and the new Robin comes to her aid. The two continue to work together in stopping a shipment of specialized guns from being sold amongst Gotham ganglords by the Penguin.

"Not bad for the daughter of an old failed bank robber, eh?"
— Robin

Batgirl 53 1 - Batgirl 53 2 - Batgirl 53 3 - Batgirl 53 4

Cover Art:



Batgirl 53

- Dylan Horrocks

- Dave Ross

Chronology:Full List
- Birds of Prey #63
- Robin #126
- Detective Comics #796
- Batgirl #53
- Robin #127
- Robin #128
- Justice League Elite #1

- Gotham City
- Batgirl Uniform
- Robin Uniform

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