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Issue: Batgirl #59
Subtitle: Fresh Blood 4/4: Settling Up
Date: February 2005
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Supporting Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Villains: Penguin, Brutale, Trigger Twins
Guest Appearances: N/A
Other Characters: N/A

Forced into a deathmatch against each other Batgirl and Robin stage a match with Batgirl losing, after which they escape to continue on their own paths to fight Bludhaven's criminals.

"Why is it the girls always meet such tragic ends?"
— Penguin

Batgirl 59 1 - Batgirl 59 2 - Batgirl 59 3 - Batgirl 59 4

Cover Art:



Batgirl 59

- Andersen Gabrych

- Ale Garza

Chronology:Full List
- Robin #132
- Batgirl #58
- Robin #133
- Batgirl #59
- Robin #134
- Batgirl #60
- Batgirl #61

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