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Issue: Batgirl #2
Subtitle: Batgirl Rising: Point of New Origin Part Two
Date: November 2009
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)
Supporting Characters: Barbara Gordon
Villains: Steve, Scarecrow
Guest Appearances: Outsiders, Alfred Pennyworth
Other Characters: Jordanna, Francisco, Nick Gage, James Gordon

Despite a visit and lecture from Barbara Gordon Stephanie continues to fight crime in Cassandra’s costume. While attending a college party she witnesses an attempt to drug the attendees, chasing the culprits down she is interrupted when Barbara activates the suit’s tech. The two then move to the Batcave in order to use the more advanced equipment as the culprits that had been captured were rescued by their boss; the Scarecrow.

"Are we having fun yet?"
— Scarecrow

Batgirl 2 2 1 - Batgirl 2 2 2 - Batgirl 2 2 3 - Batgirl 2 2 4

Cover Art:

Batgirl 2 2


BG2 2

- Bryan Q. Miller

- Lee Garbett
- Trevor Scott
- Sandra Hope

Chronology:Full List
- Battle for the Cowl #2
- Battle for the Cowl #3
- Batgirl #1
- Batgirl #2
- Batgirl #3
- Batgirl #5
- Batgirl #6

-Gotham City
- Batcave
- Batgirl Uniform
- Robin Uniform

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