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Batgirl Uniform (Prime Earth)
Following the remaking of the universal timeline due to Barry Allen and the Flashpoint incident, various subjects and histories have been altered from their original state in the new Prime Earth universe.

Batgirl-suit 1 (Barbara Gordon)

Originally a mock "Batsuit" created by the Gotham City Police Department while investigating Batman, Barbara Gordon used the suit during an attempted breakout of a zealot criminal. While interviewing the station's police about Batman, she and her brother were caught in a room alone with the criminal. To defend herself and her brother, she donned the suit and wielded two police batons; taking the criminal down as the real Batman came to her aid.

Batgirl-suit 2 (Barbara Gordon)

After her first taste of heroics, Barbara designed her own costume and joined Batman and Robin as the Batgirl.

Batgirl-suit 3 (Barbara Gordon)

After regaining the use of her legs, Barbara returned to role as Batgirl, donning a new suit with added armor and tech.
The suit most notably possesses "shock plating" throughout, including in the boots and gloves, to absorb impact strikes. Compound plastic in the gloves are also strong enough to block knife and sword attacks.
In addition, the gloves can be activated to glow as a source of illumination. The suit is typically stored within hidden compartments inside her van.

Following an encounter against her brother, Barbara ripped out the yellow emblem of her suit as a form of penance before attempting to quit the identity of Batgirl entirely. However she was forced to take up the suit again to save her father's life.
The suit, along with the van and bike, were presumably destroyed in a fire that was set off after Riot Black meddled with her laptop. The fire also consumed Black Canary's apartment and dojo, where Barbara was storing the van during her move to the Burnside district.

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Batgirl-suit 4 (Barbara Gordon)

Following the lose of her previous suit, Barbara created a new suit to wear while chasing down Riot Black and retrieving her laptop.




  • In the Future's End timeline, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and Tiffany Fox wear variants of the Batgirl-suit 3 as part of the League of Batgirls.
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