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Issue: Batman and Robin Eternal #3
Subtitle: Seeing Red
Date: December 2015
Feature Characters: Agent 37 (Richard Grayson)
Supporting Characters: Bluebird (Harper Row), Red Robin (Timothy Drake), Cassandra Cain, Spoiler (Stephanie Brown), Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Guest Appearances: Matron (Helena Bertinelli)
Other Characters: Bruce Wayne, Poppy Ashemoore, Frau Netz

As Grayson, Drake, Brown and Row arrive in time to stop Jason Todd from killing Cassandra Cain, the three Robins decide to reconvene at the Batcave to give Harper proper medical attention while they try to figure out who "Mother" is. After some incites from Helena Bertinelli from Spyral's files, she alerts Grayson to an assassination call being put out on Bruce Wayne's life.

"Just relax. Grayson says this table has put Batman together almost as many times as his butler has...He has a butler. A Bat-butler. A Batler."
— Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)

BatmanandRobinEternal 3 1 - BatmanandRobinEternal 3 2 - BatmanandRobinEternal 3 3 - BatmanandRobinEternal 3 4

Cover Art:



BatmanandRobinEternal 3

- James Tynion IV
- Scott Snyder

- Tony Daniel

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and Robin Eternal #1
- Batman and Robin Eternal #2
- Batman and Robin Eternal #3
- Batman and Robin Eternal #4
- Batman and Robin Eternal #5
- Batman and Robin Eternal #6

- St. Hadrian's Finishing School for Girls
- Gotham City (Earth Prime)
~ Batcave (Earth Prime)
~ Noonan's Sleazy Bar
~ Beacon Tower
- Batmobile
- Robin Uniform (Prime Earth)

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