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Issue: Batman and Robin Eternal #5
Subtitle: Arms of the Thunderer
Date: January 2016
Feature Characters: Agent 37 (Richard Grayson)
Supporting Characters: Bluebird (Harper Row), Red Robin (Timothy Drake), Cassandra Cain
Villains: Orphan (David Cain), Poppy Ashemoore
Guest Appearances: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Other Characters: Johnathen Crane, Janet Drake, Jack Drake

While interrogating the Drakes on Timothy's origins, Grayson is attacked by Poppy. Meanwhile, Cassandra returns to the old Church of Saint Elijah with Harper only to be confronted by Orphan. As Harper and Cassandra fight Orphan off, Timothy arrives to save his parents from Poppy and Grayson.

"It's time to stop this, Cassandra. You really think what you've done can be redeemed? People get redemption. You're not a person. You're only alive in moments of death. You're a monster."
— Orphan

BatmanandRobinEternal 5 1 - BatmanandRobinEternal 5 2 - BatmanandRobinEternal 5 3 - BatmanandRobinEternal 5 4

Cover Art:



BatmanandRobinEternal 5

- James Tynion IV
- Scott Snyder

- Tony Daniel

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and Robin Eternal #2
- Batman and Robin Eternal #3
- Batman and Robin Eternal #4
- Batman and Robin Eternal #5
- Batman and Robin Eternal #6
- Batman and Robin Eternal #7
- Batman and Robin Eternal #8

- Gotham City (Earth Prime)
~ Drake Residence
~ Maturin and Maurier
~ Church of Saint Elijah the Thunderer

- Robin Uniform (Prime Earth)
- Bluebird Uniform

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