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Batmobile 1989 - 1995

Dubbed the "Spaceship", this Batmobile was low, flat car reminiscent of land speed record cars starting with Detective Comics #601 (June 1989). It had an integrated canopy and sleek lines, with large intake/exhaust housings above the deckline over the rear wheels. The most unique feature of the car, however, is that the wheels were enclosed not within the body, but in shells placed outside the main fuselage like outriggers.

Technologically advanced, the car featured an integrated computer, sophisticated communications array, a jet turbine engine that could out-accelerate the fastest supercars cars of time, and a combination parachute/airbag system that could stop it just as quickly.

As Jean-Paul Valley took the mantle of Batman, the car's appearance became more aggressive as he altered his armour. The model was destroyed in during the fight on the bridge between Bruce Wayne and Jean Paul Valley for the role of Batman

- Two-way audio communications and a wireless modem capable of uplinking with the computer back at the cave.

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