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Primary Appearance: Comic Books
Base Craft:N/A
Color(s): Black exterior
Appeared in:
- Batgirl #5 Mini-Series

A one-man personal fighter this batwing was commandeered by Batgirl in her bid to kill David Cain and prevent his assassination of Oracle. She was caught before she could launch however by Nightwing, as she was meant to have restricted privileges. Nightwing continued to harass her even after entering Gotham airspace until she managed to shake him off.
She later had to evade Batman and Robin also, who attempted to force her to land with a larger batplane. Forcing them to land by shooting out one of their stabilizers she landed the batwing on the outskirts of Los Vegas before catching a bus to Platinum Flats.
The Batwing was found by Batman and Robin and sent back to the cave via remote.


- N/A

BW(BG2 5)

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