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Name: Billy Ray Blackwell
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Unknown
Nationality: White American
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Incarcerated
Last Known Residence:
Upstate Gotham Penitentiary
‘Billy Ray’ Blackwell, having killed a teenage fast food worker by strangling her with his bare hands, became the first committed to federal execution in twenty years. Scheduled to die via gas chamber at 12 midnight, August 8th Blackwell’s execution was slightly forestalled by Batgirl due to a personal issue, however after encountering the victim’s mother Batgirl allowed the execution to continue. Billy Ray Blackwell was then executed, via gas chamber, in Blackgate prison.

Billy Ray Blackwell

- Kelley Puckett, Damion Scott

First Appearance:
- Batgirl #19


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