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Cassandra Cain Costume History
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Black Bat Suit (Convergence: Batgirl #1)Edit


In this reappearance of the New Earth universe, Cassandra still dons her Black Bat uniform.
While not much different from her previous appearances, Cassandra is shown to have a perfect willingness to remove her mask.

Assassin Suit (Batman and Robin Eternal #1)Edit


Cassandra's official introduction into the New 52 universe saw her reintroduced as a teen assassin that was once working within the human-trafficker organization of "Mother" until she rebelled to aid Batman.

First drawn by Tony Daniel, her assassin outfit possesses no obvious weaponry, a hoodie to protect her face and her traditional colours of black and gold/yellow. The outfit is a twin of the white one worn by the malevolent assassin "Orphen".

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