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Issue: Convergence: Batgirl #2
Subtitle: The Love Song of Stephanie Brown, Part 2
Date: May 6, 2015
Feature Characters: Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Black Bat (Cassandra Cain), Red Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Catman (Flashpoint)
Villains: Gorilla Grodd (Flashpoint)
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

STARRING HEROES FROM THE PRE-FLASHPOINT DCU! What will be the final fate of Stephanie Brown as she battles both Flashpoint Grodd and Catman? Or is the real fight closer to home, against Red Robin?

"It's not me. It's you. Please get a room."
— Cassandra

ConvergenceBatgirl 2 1 - ConvergenceBatgirl 2 2 - ConvergenceBatgirl 2 3 - ConvergenceBatgirl 2 4

Cover Art:


- Timothy Drake is wearing his version 1 Red Robin uniform with no explanation on what happened to the updated version he was wearing in Gates of Gotham #5.

Convergence - Batgirl 02 (of 02) (2015) (Digital-Empire)-000

Alisa Kwitney

Rick Leonardi

Chronology:Full List
- Gates of Gotham #5
- Batgirl #24
- Convergence: Batgirl #1
- Convergence: Batgirl #2
- Convergence #8

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