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DC Comics: Cover Girls 2007 Calender

DC Comics Covergirls-01

DC Comics Covergirls-02

DC Comics: Cover Girls 2007 Calender



- Large size approx 30.5 x 30.5 cm (12 x 12 inches)
- Featured DC Comic artists include Jim Lee, Alex Ross, J. Scott Campbell and Michael Turner
Jan - Supergirl
Feb - Wonder Woman
Mar - Birds of Prey
Apr - Starfire
May - Lois Lane
Jun - Batgirl - Barbara Gordon
Jul - Catwoman
Aug - Gen 13
Sep - Batgirl - Cassandra Cain
Oct - Wonder Woman
Nov - Power Girl
Dec - Promethea

A 16-month calendar showcasing some of the coolest and best-known female characters of DC Comics, from the Golden Age to today's edgier girl-power heroes, including Wonder Woman, Catwoman, the stars of Birds of Prey, and Promethea. Beautiful and powerful, the women of Covergirls 2007 are sure to appeal to kick-ass girls and comic book fans of all ages.

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