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DC Universe Online

Title: DC Universe Online
Release Date: 2011
Feature Protagonists: Player's Avatar
Supporting Characters: - Characters of the DC Universe

Warned of a dark future where the Heroes of the world are dead and the Earth is ruled by Brainiac, new heroes and villains arise to bolster an army to fight off this menace.

Marshalling and mentoring his own army of new heroes, Batman has Cassandra oversee the dispersal of advanced armour in the restructured Watchtower.

- Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) is mentioned in the League of Assassins-related Player Briefs and Investigations.
- Cassandra's suit can be seen in the Batcave PVP arena, alongside Robin's.
- DC Universe Online Wiki Batgirl Character Page
- Voice Clips



Cass Cain Book Databank
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