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Deathstroke's Super Soldier Serum

An experimental drug known as a ACTH deriviative, Deathstroke's serum was originally designed by the United States military to create super soldiers who possess a resistance to enemy truth serums.

One of the serum's first volunteer subjects, the antidote changed Slade; after a brief moment of madness he gained incredible strength and instantaneous reflexes as a side effect. He became stronger, faster, more agile, and gained the capacity to use up to 90% of his higher brain functions, making him a tactical genius. Confident with the tests, Wilson later went through another transfusion to gain limited regenerative abilities. After gaining this power, Slade gave his wife a blood transfusion to save her life, however, the alteration of her DNA due to Slade's tempered blood drove her insane.

Years later, while recruiting his daughter, Rose Wilson, into the mercenary business as the new Ravager, Slade used an altered version of the serum to heighten her aggression while keeping her loyal to him. Unfortunately, while the serum's effects were temporary and required repeated dossages, the chemical also resulted in her being driven at least partially insane, to the extent that, when faced with the possibility of her father casting her out, she cut out her own eye in an attempt to prove her loyalty to him.
The following year, partially as retelliation against Richard Grayson for taking Rose away from him, Slade managed to inject Cassandra Cain with a similar serum; making her leave Gotham and start working for Slade and her father, David Cain. While the serum's effects seem to have heightened her lingual skills, her emotional stability became unbalanced; resulting in her forming an infatuation with Timothy Drake during their encounters.

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