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Department of Meta-human Affairs

A government organization activated in the wake of highly publicized incidents such as the execution of Maxwell Lord by Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) during the Infinite Crisis, the Department of Meta-human Affairs is charged with coordinaing peacekeeping operations with the super hero populatio. The DOMA is also sometimes called upon to shield the public from those same individuals. The agency consolidates aspects of a number of earlier organizations.

Led by Sarge Steel, the DOMA numbered Diana Prince (herself posing as a previous head of security of Wayne Enterprises), Nemesis and Etta Candy Trevor among its agents, all of them highly trained and armed with weaponry designed to level the playiing field between them and the meta-human threats they were called upon to face. The agency's headquaters was destroyed by Genocide in an attack spearheaded by the Secret Society of Super-Villains.


  • When Sarge Steel was replaced by a doppleganger, Diana was held captive and tortured by the Department of Metahuman Affairs. The DMA wanted the schematic plans for an Amazonian Purple Ray, wishing to deploy the device for their own uses. This illegal capture sparked the Amazons Attack incident.
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