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Issue: Detective Comics #782
Subtitle: Dead Reckoning Conclusion (part 6)
Date: July 2003
Feature Characters:
Supporting Characters:
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

After visiting Scarecrow, who told him more of the story - he'd nursed Sloan back to health and experimented on him, rendering him unable to sense fear and able to escape, Batman alerted the media that Penguin was not dead. He found Sloan and Two-Face. Sloan attacked Batman, wanting to finish the job he'd been hired for eight years ago - to kill him. Though Two-Face escaped, Charlatan was captured and placed in care of Arkham Asylum.


Subtitle: The Mourning After
Feature Characters:
Supporting Characters: N
Villians: N
Guest Appearances: N
Other Characters:

After overhearing a man planning to watch Bruce place roses on the site of his parents' death, Alfred had Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl keep him occupied while Batman placed the memorial.

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Detective 782

- Ed Brubaker
- Jason Hall

- Tommy Castillo
- Wade Von Grawbadger
- Craig Rousseau
- Dan Davis

Chronology:Full List
- Batman #606
- Batman #607
- Batgirl #33
- Detective Comics #782
- Batman Family 1/8
- Batman Family 2/8
- Batman Family 4/8



Cover Art:

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