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Issue: Detective Comics #790
Subtitle: Scarification
Date: March 2004
Feature Characters:
Supporting Characters:
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters:

A new designer drug called G.H.D. claimed its sixteenth victim. Batman questioned a friend of the victim and got the name of the dealer. He didn't know who supplied him, so Batman and Batgirl gave him a few thrills. Batgirl questioned his motives, mentioning that he seemed to be taking this more personally than normal. The next night, he ignored a transmission for Oracle. He took down the manufacturer of the drug by offering him a choice: handcuffs or his own drug. He chose the cuffs. Later that night, Bruce took Cassandra to Jason's grave. It would have been his 18th birthday.


Subtitle: The Tailor part two
Feature Characters:
Supporting Characters: N
Villians: N
Guest Appearances: N
Other Characters:

The tailor went in and got his daughter. He stopped the man in the armor by knowing it's weak spot. He told Batman again that he did not build the suit. Before taking him down, the tailor told the kidnapper he wasn't the one who set him up.

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Detective 790

- Anderson Gabrych
- A.J. Lieberman

- Pete Woods
- Cam Smith
- Jean-Jacques Dzialowski
- Dan Green

Chronology:Full List
- Gotham Knights #36
- Batgirl #38
- JLA #80
- Detective Comics #790
- Gotham Knights #42
- Gotham Knights #45
- Action Comics #804



Cover Art:

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