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Equipment Databank


Barbara's Framed Batgirl Picture
Batman's Greatest Hits
Cain Family Tapes
Cassandra's Journal

Cassandra's Knife
Cassandra's Rose
Kryptonite Ring
Shiva's Pearl Bracelet

Equipment and Tools

Cowls and Masks

Gas Pellets
Grapnel Gun
Justifier Helmet
Purple Healing Ray
Utility Belts


Azbat Suit
Azbat Suit (Prime Earth)
Azrael Uniform
Azrael Uniform (Prime Earth)
Batclan Environment Suit
Batgirl Uniform (New Earth)
Batgirl Uniform (Prime Earth)
Batman Exo-suit (Prime Earth)
Batman Uniform (New Earth)
Batman Uniform (Prime Earth)
Black Bat Uniform
Bluebird Uniform
Bruce Wayne's Last Cowl
Batwoman Uniform
Catwoman Uniform

Huntress Uniform
Insider Uniform
Kasumi Uniform
Lantern Corp Uniform
Luthor's Armor
Nightwing Uniform (New Earth)
Project Batman Exo-suit
Red Hood Uniform (New Earth)
Red Robin Uniform (New Earth)
Robin Uniform (New Earth)
Robin Uniform (Prime Earth)
Spoiler Uniform
Suit of Sorrows (New Earth)
Suit of Sorrows (Prime Earth)
Thomas Wayne's Batsuit


Aerie 1
Aerie 2
Azrael Glider
Bat Glider
Bat-Subway Rocket
Bullet Train
Florida Cruise
GCPD Blimp

Huntress Cycle
Katana's Jet
Mobile Batcave 2
Mobile Base (Outsiders)
Pequod 1
Quad Bike
Red Bird
Unidentified Cargo Plane

Batcycle 2004 (City of Light)
Batcycle 2004 (War Games)
Batcycle 2005 (Batgirl #66)

Batmobile 1989 - 1995
Batmobile 1998 - 2000
Batmobile 2000 - 2006
Batmobile 2004 (City of Light)
Batmobile 2004 (Batgirl #49)
Batmobile 2006 (Robin #148)

Batmobile 2008 (Outsiders)
Batmobile 2009 (Batman and the Outsiders #14)
Batmobile 2009 (Battle for the Cowl #1)
Batmobile 2009 (Battle for the Cowl #3)
Batmobile 2009

Batwing 2004 (City of Light)
Batplane 2004 (Gotham Knights)
Batwing 2006 (Superman/Batman #26)
Batwing 2009 (Batgirl #5)
Batplane 2009 (Batgirl #5)
Batplane (Robin #128)

Batboat (Gates of Gotham)

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