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Formula "O"

Created by Doctor Death, Formula “O” is a sulfonated organo-phosporous compound, similar to the nerve agent VX or methyl-phosphonothioic acid, though several times more lethal.
Quite harmless until exposed to air, the formula is then transformed into a fine black mist, capable of creeping through the tiniest cracks. Under normal conditions, the cloud will dissipate entirely within 24 hours, leaving no sign of its existence. Any victims caught within the cloud will be turned into oil. As a publicity stunt the agent was delivered in soda bottles and aptly named “Dr. Death”, one such bottle could kill the population of a small city if delivered into the atmosphere. The labelling of these bottles also possessed an invitation to an auction for Doctor Death’s services, of which the president of Tarakstan had the winning bid. The liquid resembles cola in appearance.
In Tarakstan Doctor Death attempted to use the formula as a demonstration of a potential weapon of mass destruction to subjugate the country however he was defeated by Batman, Batgirl and the Sakuri Lions.

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