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Issue: Gotham Knights #54
Subtitle: Pushback Book Five
Date: August, 2004
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Supporting Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake)
Villains: Joker, Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot), Riddler (Edward Nigma)
Guest Appearances: Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Other Characters: Joseph Kerr, Jeannie Kerr, Red Hood Gang, Officer Oliver Hammet

While Batman waits for Hush's reteliatory strike, Riddler reveals the name of the corrupt officer who killed the Joker's wife.

"I'm going to find Mr Hammet. And I'm going to talk to him. And then I'm going to kill him"
— Joker

Gotham Knights 54 1 - Gotham Knights 54 2 - Gotham Knights 54 3 - Gotham Knights 54 4

Cover Art:



Gotham Knights 54

- A.J. Lieberman

- Al Barrionuevo
- Jimmy Palmiotti

Chronology:Full List
- Gotham Knights #54

- Gotham City
- Star City
- Batman Uniform
- Robin Uniform

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