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Issue: Gotham Knights #57
Subtitle: War Games: Act 2 Part 4, The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Date: November 2004
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Tarantula (Catalina Flores), Spoiler (Stephanie Brown)
Supporting Characters: Oracle, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Nightwing (Richard Grayson), Robin (Timothy Drake), Orpheus (Gavin King)
Villains: Killer Croc, Suicide King, The Trickster, Deadshot, Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot), Black Mask
Guest Appearances: Alfred Pennyworth
Other Characters: Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

As Gotham's power goes out Batman sends Tarantula after the person responsible; the Penguin. However, Batman then realizes that the events were becoming familiar and recognizes that it was part of one of his war plans. Immediately he sends out an order to find Orpheus, upon whome the entire plan falls upon. However, as Spoiler finds him, someone else finds Orpheus first.

"Huh. Boys without toys just aren't the same."
— Tarantula

GothamKnights57 1 - GothamKnights57 2 - GothamKnights57 3 - GothamKnights57 4

Cover Art:


- The death of Orpheus

Gotham Knights 57

- A.J. Lieberman

- Al Barrionuevo

Chronology:Full List
- Batman #631
- Detective Comics #798
- Legends of the Dark Knight #183
- Gotham Knights #57
- Batgirl #56
- Batman #632
- Detective Comics #799

- Gotham City
- The Iceberg Lounge

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