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Issue: Gotham Underground #9
Subtitle: Gotham Undergroun Book Nine: The Day the Penguin Died
Date: August 2008
Feature Characters: Penguin
Supporting Characters: Riddler, Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Villains: Johnny Stitches, Tobia Whale, Bruno Mannheim
Guest Appearances: Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Green Arrow, Metamorpho, Robin (Timothy Drake), Wildcat, Katana, Geoforce, Lightning, Grace
Other Characters: James Gordon

The Penguin prepares for death as he awaits Intergang to invade the Iceberg Lounge but as they do Batman intervenes and offers the protection of the Bat Family and the Outsiders in return for being an informant on Intergang's movement.

"President of the Robin Fanclub"
— note by Robin

Gotham Underground9 1 - Gotham Underground9 2 - Gotham Underground9 3 - Gotham Underground9 4

Cover Art:

Gu 9


Gotham Underground 9

- Frank Tieri

- J. Calafiore

Chronology:Full List
- Batman and the Outsiders #9
- Gotham Underground #5
- Gotham Underground #7
- Gotham Underground #9
- Batman and the Outsiders #10
- Batman and the Outsiders #11
- Batman and the Outsiders #12

- Gotham City

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