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Internet 3.0
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The Internet 3.0 is an advanced version of the public Internet developed by WayneTech.

While providing the same global access and search capabilities as the current internet, although at a more advanced level, 3.0 allows the user deeper immersion by providing them access with digital avatars in which to visually travel through the 3.0 cyberspace.
While providing a new bulwark for digital design, 3.0 also provides a new means of communication; allowing conferences to be held face-to-face at a single location within the internet even while the users might actually be on other sides of the planet.

As with all digital technology, 3.0 is vulnerable to hackers and digital terrorism. To deter this, however, 3.0 is protected and watched over by Oracle (Barbara Gordon). Given access to designs and codes unavailable to other users, Oracle was hired to be 3.0's "Ghost in the Machine" protector by Bruce Wayne as part of his formation of Batman Incorporated.

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