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Issue: Justice League Elite #1
Subtitle: Grand Experiment
Date: September 2004
Feature Characters: Major Disaster (Paul Booker), Kasumi (Cassandra Cain), Naif al-Sheikh, Sister Superior (Vera Lynn Black), Menagerie Sonja, Dawn Raven, Manitou Raven, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Coldcast (Nathaniel Jones)
Supporting Characters:
Villains: The Blood Brothers
Guest Appearances: Flash (Wally West), Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)
Other Characters:

Just as soon as the team is picked and assembled their first mission is already underway. With members of the Elite infiltrating into various classes, including Vera Black herself possing as Deathstroke, they participate in a recruitment drive for the Blood Brothers, a duo of siblings renowned for global slaughter.

"He grunted. Twice. Then he gave breech birth to a three-headed calf on the spot."
— Vera Black

Justice League Elite 1 1 - Justice League Elite 1 2 - Justice League Elite 1 3 - Justice League Elite 1 4

Cover Art:



Justice League Elite 1

- Joe Kelly

- Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #53
- Robin #127
- Robin #128
- Justice League Elite #1
- Justice League Elite #2
- Justice League Elite #3
- JLA Secret Files and Origins 2004

- Arizona
~ Mesa Grande
- New Jersey
~ Somerset
- Star City
- Saudi Arabia
~ Riyadh
- England
~ Camden
- The Factory

- Kasumi Uniform

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