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Title: Justice League" The Savage Time: Part 1
Air Date: 9 November 2002 (Season 1, Episode 24)
Feature Protagonists: Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, The Flash, Superman, John J'onzz
Supporting Characters: Batman, Resistance Leader Bruce Wayne
Antagonists: General Hoffman, Steve Trevor, Vandal Savage
Guest Appearances: Timothy Drake, Richard Grayson]], Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain

The Justice League go back in time to World War II to prevent the immortal Vandal Savage from using future technology to change history.

- In this Episode the Justice League travel back to the Battle for Caen, not long after D-Day and depicts the battle as between the Germans and Americans, whereas in fact no American ground force took part in the battle, mostly British with some Canadian and Polish forces.


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