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A hidden temple within the Mountain Naja Naja, Kanchenjunga is a holy place for the Cult of the Kobra God organization due to the mountain containing a Lazarus Pit. The location was once a hidden lair for the sect before it was destroyed during a civil war and the involvement of Timothy Drake.
Some time after it's ruin, Sir Edmund Dorrance; previously known as Killer Snake, resided within the temple caves in a primitive existence until the arrival of his biological son, Bane.
Concerned over the pair allying with each other, the Bat Family travels to Kanchenjunga just as a lingering group of Kobra soldiers arrive to recreate the cult. However, as the Bat Family intervenes and Bane becomes disillusioned with who his father is, the remaineder of the Kobra cult is destroyed and King Snake thrown into an abyss.

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