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Kasumi Uniform

Kasumi’s uniform consists of a full body, two-piece, skin-tight armoured suit of purple, red and black. Her helmet consists of an under-section that protects the jaw, neck and back of the head and an over-section face mask that fits over the lower section, protecting the cranium and face. The over-section mask has eye lenses and vocal speaker, it is also made of a harder material than the rest of the suit.

Underneath the suit, around her waist, she wears a Thanagarian Dimensiometer Shadow Field belt, taken from Shadow Thief. With it Kasumi possesses the ability to shift between being solid matter and being intangible like a shadow, it also allows her to access a dangerous alternate dimension of shadows and monsters.
Along with the Shadow Field, her other primary weapons are blades, specifically a pair of katana, each of which can sheath into the other’s grip when not in use.


  • As added security, Cassandra wears facial makeup that resembles severe scarring to conceal her features should the mask be removed.
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