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Issue: Legends of the Dark Knight #182
Subtitle: War Games: Act 1 Part 2; Behind Enemy Lines
Date: October 2004
Feature Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Supporting Characters: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Oracle, Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Onyx, Orpheus
Villains: Alexandra Kosov, Niko Akahara, Penguin
Guest Appearances: N/A
Other Characters: Jose, Eric, Gilmour, Sully, Matches Malone

As the mobs regroup after the first salvo, Batgirl goes after Alexandra Kosov of the Russian Mafia only to run into an ambush. On the Hill Orpheus' gang is attacked by another gang. Batman uses the event to instruct Orpheus to meet with the Yakuza in an attempt to bring them under control. Meanwhile a Navy transport ship is hijacked by the Penguin.

"War is business and business is very, very good."
— Penguin

LegendsoftheDarkKnight182 1 - LegendsoftheDarkKnight182 2 - LegendsoftheDarkKnight182 3 - LegendsoftheDarkKnight182 4

Cover Art:


- Part of the War Games crossover event


- A.J. Lieberman

- Brad Walker

Chronology:Full List
- Birds of Prey #74
- Batgirl #54
- Detective Comics #797
- Legends of the Dark Knight #182
- Gotham Knights #56
- Batgirl #55
- Batman #631

- Gotham City
- Batcycle 2004 (War Games)

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