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Owner: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Designation: Mobile Batcave
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appearance: Batman #631

Primarily used during the city-wide gang war, the Mobile Batcave 2 is a mobile command center fitted inside a truck capable of altering its outward appearance to match that of several Gotham utility companies. These disguises allow the "Batcave" to be stationed in public and populate areas without suspicion.

The truck's rear section contains computer systems, medical supplies and field equipment adequate to that of the main cave as well as other equipment, including at least one Batcycle for additional mobility.


- Camouflage Template G-4 turns the truck's appearance into that of a Sewer Company vehicle.
- Retractible computer terminals
- Retractible medical table
- Vehicle loading area

Equipment Databank
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