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Name: Purge
Identity Status: Public
Aliases: Evan Slate
Nationality: None
Maritual Status: Single
Occupation: Enforcer
Last Known Residence:

Purge is the physical encarnation of Evan Slate's repressed aggression.
Originally a ball costume worn by Slate, the material used to create the suit was a combination of DNA material later used in Slate's Neo-Gotham building constructs.
Following the death of his wife, the event left an emotional imprint in the material that gave the costume form whenever Slate experienced heightened emotional stress.

Acting upon Slate's repressed feelings, Purge embarked to remove any and all obstacles that stood in the way of Slate's Neo Gotham project.


- The Pander Brothers, Mark Paniccia

First Appearance:
- Batman: City of Light #1

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