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Red Bird
Red Bird

Owner: Timothy Drake
Designation: Red Bird
Affiliation: Bat Family
First Appearance:
Detective Comics #668 (November, 1993)

The Redbird is a camouflaged sport coupé with all the armaments of the Batmobile in addition too polarizing windows and exterior sliding bulletproof conversion panels, enabling it to be driven as a civilian car when not assigned to a case. It is run and owned by Robin (Timothy Drake).


When Drake was sent away to boarding school, following the earthquake known as the Gotham Cataclysm, he was forced to give up the Redbird by 'selling' it to Alfred Pennyworth. While at boarding school he developed an advanced skateboard he called the "Redboard". And, after returning to live with his family, he utilized a modified 491cc, liquid-cooled "motocross" Batcycle for his transportation needs.

With Tim Drake moving back in Gotham, this time as the adopted son of Bruce Wayne after the Infinite Crisis, the Redbird is restored to him but becomes badly damaged during an ambush.

Robin takes in consideration the idea to scrap it and have something more intimidating as transportation but his resolution doesn't seem to come to a pass, as the Batcave still holds one or more Redbirds in storage along with other Batmobiles and only a few days later Drake is shown driving a newly refurbished Redbird.

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