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Red Hood Uniform (New Earth)
The Red Hood mantle has a history with the bat family as being a psuedo aggressor in Gotham City. The original Red Hood outfit was a costume gimmick used by the Red Hood Gang to conceal the identity of any accomplices they would use in their crimes. Consisting of a black and white tuxedo suit with a red cape and helmet, the outfit was used by various unidentified peoples in allegiance or association with the gang.
Red Hood-suit (Unknown)

One of the more note-worthy individuals who wore the suit was a victimized man who later became known as the Joker after being forced into assisting the gang in a robbery at the Ace Chemical Processing Plant, he dove into a vat of chemicals in an attempt to escape the Batman; who mistook him for being another, more criminal, individual who had worn the suit while committing crimes in Gotham in the past month.
While no body was found after his plunge into the vat, the GCPD did find his helmet floating outside the factory.

Detective Comics (1937) -168
Red Hood-suit (Jason Todd) vr 1

Basing his look around the first Red Hood; Jason Todd's first ensemble consisted of a white armoured under-shirt with cargo pants and military tactical boots and gauntlets; each containing eight pouches for equipment storage. A leather jacket is used to store his equipment; including a specially crafted kris blade and a pair of automatic pistols, among other gadgets and weapons to be used should the occasion call for it.
The defining piece of the outfit, however, much like the original Red Hood, is the red helmet. Underneath the helmet, Todd wore a red domino mask which possessed starlite night-vision much like his original Robin uniform. The Red Hood helmet also contains a built-in radio transmitter/receiver and is heavily armoured to protect the wearer's head.
Both the helmet and the kris blade were gifts from Talia al Ghul.

Red Hood-suit (Jason Todd) vr 2

Jason Todd's second Red Hood ensemble was created following a plan to compete against Richard Grayson and Damian Wayne (the new Batman and Robin). He reworked his Red Hood identity to be more dramatic and attention-grabbing; designing it to look more like a super-hero/villain outfit and closer resembling the original Red Hood's ensemble with a full-bodysuit and cape coloured in a black and white scheme. A red skull emblem is imprinted on the suit's chest and the Red Hood helmet is that of the same design as the original Red Hood's while still possessing much of the same tech and armour abilities of Todd's previous outfit. Two use with the outfit, Todd obtained two red automatic pistols to be his primary weapons.
Jason also stopped dying his hair black and allowed it to grow red again with a small gray streak left by his exposure to the Lazarus Pit.

Red Hood-suit (Jason Todd) vr 3

Following being freed from Blackgate, Jason's former sidekick, Scarlet, is being held hostage by a South African criminal group in order to ensure Todd's co-operation. Teaming with Grayson and Damian in order to free her, Todd concocted a Red Hood outfit made from various pieces of his two previous outfits to confront the criminal group. The ensemble consisted of the version two's black and white body suit and red guns along with the version one's boots, jacket and helmet.




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