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Issue: Red Robin #18
Subtitle: The Rabbit Hole Part One Broken Promises
Date: February 2011
Feature Characters: Red Robin (Timothy Drake)
Supporting Characters: Money Spider (Lonnie Machin), Tamara Fox, Red Star (Leonid Kovar), Promise
Villains: Viktor Mikalek
Guest Appearances:
Other Characters: Calculator (Noah Kuttler)

Tracking the accessways to the Unternet, Timothy Drake visits Moscow under the guise of partitioning for a grant to open a Neon Knights charter in Russia. Suspecting a powerful Russian businessman known as Viktor Mikalek, Timothy comes at odds with Russia's protector, Red Star, and runs into a surprise vigilante calling herself "Promise".

"The ever-convenient terrorist nametag, is it?"
— Red Robin

RedRobin18 1 - RedRobin18 2 - RedRobin18 3 - RedRobin18 4

Cover Art:

RR 18


Red Robin 18

- Fabian Nicieza

- Marcus To

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl (Bruce Wayne: The Road Home) #1
- Commissioner Gordon (Bruce Wayne: The Road Home) #1
- Red Robin #17
- Red Robin #18
- Red Robin #19
- Red Robin #25
- Birds of Prey #10

- Russia
~ Moscow
~ Mikalek Unlimited
- Red Robin Uniform

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