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Issue: Robin #127
Subtitle: Girl Wonder
Date: August 2004
Feature Characters: Robin (Stephanie Brown)
Supporting Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne), Timothy Drake
Villains: Bloodbath Inc., Henry Aquista, Scarab (Maat Shadid), Tiger Moth
Guest Appearances: Oracle, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)
Other Characters: Crystal Brown, Jack Drake, Dana Drake, Byron, Tyrone, Darla

As the new Robin makes her presence known as Batman's new sidekick, someone is hunting down boys that look like the previous Robin.

"Mock me at your peril, masked man."
— Stephanie Brown

Robin127 1 - Robin127 2 - Robin127 3 - Robin127 4

Cover Art:




- Bill Willingham

- Daimon Scott

Chronology:Full List
- Robin #126
- Detective Comics #796
- Batgirl #53
- Robin #127
- Robin #128
- Justice League Elite #1
- Justice League Elite #2

- Gotham City
- Batcave
- Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School

- Robin Uniform
- Batman Uniform
- Batmobile 2000 - 2006

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