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Issue: Robin #128
Subtitle: Fired
Date: September 2004
Feature Characters: Robin (Stephanie Brown)
Supporting Characters: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Villains: Scarab (Maat Shadid)
Guest Appearances: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Timothy Drake
Other Characters: Alfred Pennyworth

As Batgirl watches over Timothy, Batman and Robin confront Scarab only to be soundly beaten.
Recuperating in the Batcave, they plan their rematch with Batman in enhanced battle armour. As Robin stays in the batplane, Batman engages Scarab in her lair, however, Robin becomes anxious while overhearing the battle and, disobeying Batman's repeated instructions, enters the battle to help only to be captured by Scarab and used as a hostage to enable her escape.
Returning to Wayne Manor, Bruce fires Stephanie due to her gross disregard of his orders which lead to the failure of a mission.

"It's official. I love this man!"
— Stephanie Brown

Robin128 1 - Robin128 2 - Robin128 3 - Robin128 4

Cover Art:




- Bill Willingham

- Damion Scott

Chronology:Full List
- Detective Comics #796
- Batgirl #53
- Robin #127
- Robin #128
- Justice League Elite #1
- Justice League Elite #2
- Justice League Elite #3

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