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Issue: Robin #162
Subtitle: Paid In Full
Date: July 2007
Feature Characters: Timothy Drake
Supporting Characters: Lords of the Avenues
Villains: Lloyd Waite
Guest Appearances: Cassandra Cain
Other Characters: Alex, Alfred Pennyworth

Robin continues his search for evidence to use against Strader Pharmaceuticals however when he enters the Lords of the Avenues’ hideout he finds them liquefying. Suddenly a mercenary squad enters as well, seeking to clean up loose ends that connect Strader to the Pheno drug. After a large fight the Lords gang lie dead and with them any hope of Strader Pharmaceuticals being linked to their deaths. Robin confronts the head of the company, Lloyd Waite, however the boss simply gloats until he is killed by a sniper shot shot by Cassandra Cain in an attempt to assist him.

"You’re welcome, Tim."
— Cassandra Cain

Robin162 1 - Robin162 2 - Robin162 3 - Robin162 4

Cover Art:



Robin 162

- Adam Beechen

- Freddie E. Williams II

Chronology:Full List
- Teen Titans #45
- Teen Titans #46
- Robin #161
- Robin #162
- Black Canary 2/4
- Countdown #36
- Teen Titans #52

- Gotham City

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