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The two sides of the Soul narcotic

Soul is a hallucinogen narcotic developed by Doctor Death and released into the Gotham populace through the street gang known as “The Lost Girls”.
First released in pill form the drug, once ingested, would affect the user differently depending on their inherent nature; if they are passive and good-hearted the drug would send them into a blissful trance of love and contentment, if they are dominated by violence and ill-will they become mindlessly enraged and uncontrollably strong. Both affects wear off as the drug leaves their system, as is expected those that experience the ecstatic bliss become hooked on the drug.

The drug was briefly rereleased in a more potent form with an added ingredient distilled from the pineal glands of human cadavers. The liquefied form of this variant is capable of turning the mildest of creatures into hot blooded killers. The liquid resembles tomato juice.

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