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Issue: #17
Subtitle: A world without Batman…
Feature Characters: Bruce Wayne, Superman (Kal El)
Supporting Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordon), Flash (Barry Allen), Martian Manhunter, Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
Villains: Ra’s al Ghul, Ubu, Lightning Lord, Saturn Queen, Cosmic King, Beauty Blaze, Echo
Guest Appearances: Sgt Rock and the Easy Company, Blackhawk, Lady Blackhawk, Tommy Elliot
Other Characters: Lois Lane, Perry White, Thomas Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth

Superman arrives in an altered present day due to Batman preventing the deaths of Martha and Thomas Wayne. After trying to understand this new world, ruled by Ra’s al Ghul, Superman attempts to remind Bruce Wayne of who he was supposed to be and stage a final attack against Ra’s al Ghul and the people who had sought to alter their timeline.

"I wish you’d stop…hovering. Men aren’t supposed to fly."
— Bruce Wayne

SupermanBatman 17 1 - SupermanBatman 17 2 - SupermanBatman 17 3 - SupermanBatman 17 4

Cover Art:

[[SMBM 17|150px]]


[[SupermanBatman 17|200px]]

- Jeph Loed

- Carlos Pacheco

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #48
- Batgirl #49
- Batgirl #50
- Superman/Batman #17
- Robin #119
- Birds of Prey #61
- Batgirl #51

- Gotham City
~ Wayne Manor
~ Crime Alley
- Smallville
- Batman Uniform

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