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Issue: Superman/Batman #26
Subtitle: The Boys are Back in Town
Date: June 2006
Feature Characters: Robin (Timothy Drake), Superboy (Kon-El)
Supporting Characters: Superman (Kal-El), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Hiro Okamura
Villains: Toyman (Robot), Batman (Robot), Superman (Robot), Wonder Woman (Robot)
Guest Appearances: Raven, Beast Boy (Garfield Logan), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark)
Other Characters: Raven (Robot), Starfire (Robot), Wonder Girl (Robot)

When Hiro Okamura drops contact with Batman and Superman, the pair send Robin and Superboy to find out why.

"I can hear a gnat fart, but I can never spot a guy in a giant bat suit? Weak..."
— Kon-El

SupermanBatman 26 1 - SupermanBatman 26 2 - SupermanBatman 26 3 - SupermanBatman 26 4

Cover Art:


- Funeral of Kon-El
- Art style changes every third page
- Short story Sam's Story included

SupermanBatman 26

- Sam Loeb

- The 26

Chronology:Full List
- Batgirl #73
- Birds of Prey #86
- Adventures of Superman #649
- Superman/Batman #26
- 52 Week 1
- 52 Week 8
- 52 Week 11

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