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The Network

The Network is a support organization of specialized operatives formed to aid in a certain goal or task.

Celia Kazantzakis formed the first Network; seeking revenge against those who had wronged her years before, Celia Kazantzakis created the alter ego “Athena” and formed a support organization called the “Network”.
Athena used the Network to disrupt Batman and his associates while she attempted to siphon off bank funds and bankrupt Wayne Enterprises. Athena’s network operatives were defeated by Batman’s more dedicated and better-trained operatives and the Network was dissolved.

Following Batman (Bruce Wayne)’s disappearance, Cassandra Cain designed a new Network to compensate for his absence in Gotham.
Changing management of the Network over to Richard Grayson, with coordination handled by Barbara Gordon, the Network was first utilized to control the growing chaos in Gotham after word had gotten out that Batman had been killed. Following Richard Grayson’s acceptance of the Batman mantle the Network became his support network and was used to keep tabs on Tommy Elliot when he began to impersonate Bruce Wayne.

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