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Issue: Tiny Titans #50
Date: May 2012
Feature Characters: Beast Boy, Terra
Supporting Characters: Cyborg, Robin, Kid Flash, Supergirl, Superboy, Superman
Guest Appearances: League of Just-Us-Cows, Robin Robin, Krypto, Miss Martian, Batgirl, AquaLad, Blue Beetle, Ravager, Cassie, Donna, Speedy, Shimmer, Mary, Starfire, Ursa, Zod, Non, Lor-Zod, Bumblebee, Streaky, Raven, Kid Devil, Jimmy Olsen
Other Characters: Jor-el, Alfred

In an effort to impress Terra, Beast Boy dons a Superman outfit while the Super Family gain new outfits of their own.
When one of Beast Boy's attempts at flight cause him to rocket over Smallville, Superman rescues him. The near lose of Beast Boy causes Terra to realize she loves him and becomes more affectionate.

"This looks like a job for Superman!"
— Superman

TinyTitans50 1 - TinyTitans50 2 - TinyTitans50 3 - TinyTitans50 4

Cover Art:


- Alfred makes reference to a previous crossover with Archie and Friends.
- Robin makes note of the removal of the red underwear from the modern Superman suit.
- Features preview of new Superman Family Adventures series.

TinyTitans 50

- Art Baltazar
- Franco

- Art Baltazar

Chronology:Full List
- Tiny Titans #50

- Fortress of Solitude
- Wayne Manor
- Smallville

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